Rosetta constitutes a taste of Cremona's countryside in the heart of London.

Because of the abundant water provided by its many rivers – the river Po being the most famous – the area around Cremona has been characterised since Roman times by the intensive production of vegetables, cereals and fruit.

All the produce sold in our store is the result of an accurate research, passion and love for genuine food. We take pride in what we do and try and deliver Italianity in the best way possible, preparing food and serving it the way it is done in Italy. 

Our aim is to be AGRI-CULTURAL, in the sense that customers will be told what they are eating in order to appreciate the specific characteristics of the raw ingredients we use. 

Our intent is for customers to dive into the sun kissed countryside through the discovery of some of the lost flavours and aromas typical of the area.

The fact 20% of the Italian milk is produced in the area confirms the purely agricultural vocation of the region.



Rosetta is situated in the heart of London, close to some of the most important theaters of the city, such as the English National Opera, The Duke of York and The Garrick Theatre with the resident Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company.

Just a stone throw away from the National gallery and two minutes walk to Leicester Square and Covent Garden, makes it the ideal location for any theatre attendees, museum lovers, tourist or locals that want to have a little taste of Italy.

The closest tube and railway station is Charing Cross, just 50mt away from Rosetta. We dispose of 21 seating places reservable for any occasion whether it is a birthday, a business lunch or meeting, or just a happy gathering with friends and family.


The choice of the name Rosetta was inspired by the typical bun we use to make our panini.

We stumbled upon the idea of this venture during a trip to London, a city we love and appreciate for the life style, the culture and not less importantly for the variety of different cuisines.

Whilst sitting and having a quick snack for lunch we noticed that many places offered a wide range of paninis usually in the ciabatta bread, but no one used the rosetta bun.

We started gathering ideas and developing this project with the purpose to combine a novelty for the London food scenery to the authenticity of farm products today still present in localized areas of our home country.

Since we own farms and produce genuine Italian productswe ultimately decided to import our own products together with those of family and friends whom also still use traditional production methods.    


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