The cold cuts and cheese used in the panini, piadine, salads and platters are the result of a close cycle production. All animals are fed with genuine maize and fresh grass and bred in open farms.

Home prepared sauces, like the basil pesto and the onion pesto you will find in your panini, produced in-house using fresh produce ensuring what you eat is genuinely fresh and healthy.

Home made desserts, using traditional Italian recipes and a few new ones always staying in touch with the Italian cuisine and ingredients


The wines list is a selection of genuine Italian wines, produced and bottled in Italy, narrowed down to a handful of great wines from different areas of Italy.


At Rosetta you can taste our famous panini and piadine and a selection of home made lasagne, soups, a wide choice of Italian cheeses and cold cuts and indulge in the home-made desserts like our delicious tiramisù.



The bun used to prepare the panini is the Rosetta roll, one of the most commonly used in Italy to prepare a easy lunch snack. The name means small rose, inspired by the shape which resembles the flower. Since the 1700s it has been known as the workers bread, slowly working its way up the bread chain, becoming a must in most Italian homes.

Today the rosetta bun is recognized among the top Italian traditional breads.
The recipe used to bake our buns comes from an old Italian baker, and after some searching we found an Italian bakery in London which produces our buns every morning faithfully following the old baker's recipe, guaranteeing our bread is always fresh.

In Rosetta's panini you will find a selection of the best farm produced high quality Italian cold cuts and cheeses, which you can also enjoy on platters.


Try our lasagne, beef or vegetarian produced following the Italian traditional recipe. The care for the choice of products used to prepare the lasagne and the dough make them unique in their kind maintaining the tradition of Italian cuisine. Garnished with authentic ragù gravy and white sauce. 


Most of our desserts are prepared by us daily, from the tiramisù to the jam tart and the pear and chocolate cake.


And which better way to enjoy Italian bakery other than top quality Musetti coffee and hot chocolate. We serve the best because our customers deserve the best!

At Rosetta's we prepare it just the way it was made years ago in Italy. 

(Our desserts are sold by portion, full cakes or tarts or multiple portion tiramisù need to be ordered 24hr in advance) 



Passion for good food usually goes hand in hand with good drinks.


Try our original italian spritz, with Aperol or Campari, prepared and served like in the best bars in Italy!

We make it our pride to constantly deliver a top service and high standar food quality, working in synergy between our store in London and our farms and bakeries in Italy to ensure our products are always fresh and only of the best choice.


Rosetta constitutes a taste of Cremona's countryside in the heart of London.


Because of the abundant water provided by its many rivers – the river Po being the most famous – the area around Cremona has been characterised since Roman times by the intensive production of vegetables, cereals and fruit.

All the produce sold in our store is the result of an accurate research, passion and love for genuine food. We take pride in what we do and try and deliver Italianity in the best way possible, preparing food and serving it the way it is done in Italy. 




Every Monday to Thursday from 5.00pm we serve the real Italian aperitivo. 

We are aiming to replicated the same atmosphere here in London not only for the Italian community but for anyone who enjoys Italian food and drinks.


We provide a service for takeaway or sit-in, bookings for birthdays or any other occasions. Personalized catering for offices, birthdays, and all other occasions. 


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